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Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Prophets

The Prophets
Source: al-islam.com

Below are some of the Prophets (Peace be upon them all) as mentioned in the Qur'an)

Aaron [Harun]
Aaron was Moses's eloquent brother who helped him proclaim his mission to Pharaoh. When Moses went to fulfill the appointment with his Lord on Mount Sinai, Aaron succeeded him in leading the Israelites. During this period a man called Al-Samiri suggested to the Israelites that they make the golden figure of a calf to worship. Thus they went astray and committed a great sin. Aaron persistently tried to convince them to return to the worship of Allah, but they did not listen to him. Upon his return, Moses was angered and blamed Aaron heavily for letting the Israelites divert from the true faith.

Abraham [Ibrahim]
Abraham was the "Close One to Allah" Who preferred him over many others and selected him to be a messenger. Though brought up in a pagan community that worshiped idols, Abraham refused to do so and realized that there must be a greater god of the universe. Allah guided him to the right path and revealed His message to him. He then directed his mission to his people, and called on them to renounce idolatry. He was answered with stubborn refusals. They plotted against him but their schemes were in vain, for Allah, the Almighty, provided support and protection to His servant and prophet, Abraham. Abraham was the forefather of a line of prophets through his two sons Ishmael and Isaac. It was Abraham who began the construction of the Ka`bah with the help of Ishmael.

Adam, the first man, was created by the Hand of Allah Who taught him all names, made the angels prostrate before him, and granted him the companionship of Eve with whom he was admitted to Paradise. In Paradise both Adam and Eve were warned against a certain tree, but Satan tempted them to eat from its fruit. As a result, Adam was descended to be Allah's vicegerent on earth, and, together with Eve, was provided with a means of living. As the first apostle of Allah, Adam was ordered to call his children to the worship of Allah the Only and True God.

David [Dawud]
David was a devout servant of Allah who used to observe fasting on one day and break it the next, besides practicing forms of worship for about two-thirds of the night. Allah revealed the Psalms to David, gave him wisdom and knowledge and granted him a strong kingdom in which mountains were subdued, all birds were assembled and iron was made soft.

Elijah [Ilyas]
Elijah was a prophet sent to the people of Baalbek, in east Lebanon. He called them to worship only Allah and stop adoring their idol Ba`la. They subjected him to different punishments. Ibn `Abbas said that Elijah was the paternal uncle of Elisha.

Elisha [Al-Yasa`]
Elisha was a devout prophet who performed the miracle of resurrecting a dead person. He is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an twice and in the Torah as well.

Ezekiel [Dhul-Kifl]
Ezekiel was a devout prophet who used to observe prayer one hundred times a day. He took it upon himself to stand for justice among his people.

One community, called `Ad, were strong and of huge stature. Allah blessed them in everything, but they were ungrateful to Him and began to worship idols. Allah sent them a messenger from among themselves to guide them. It was Hud who was born into a noble family and grew up virtuous and intelligent. He invited them to follow the way of Allah, and worked hard to counsel them. But they did not believe and were satisfied with the life of this world. They were destroyed by a fierce wind that blew and uprooted trees, demolished houses and flung animals away. It lasted for seven nights and eight days.

Idris was a grandfather of Noah and the first prophet after Adam to receive thirty Divine Scriptures. He called for the Oneness of Allah and was followed by one thousand people. Idris was the first to write, the first to wear sewn clothes and the first to think about astrology.

Isaac [Ishaq]
Isaac was Abraham's son by his wife Sarah, and the father of Jacob. The tidings of his birth were given to his parents by the angels who had been sent to destroy the city of the people of Lot.

The Holy Qur'an referred to Isaac as "a son endowed with wisdom." Isaac was sent as a prophet to guide people to the right way.

Ishmael [Isma`il]
Ishmael was the first son of Abraham by his second wife, Hajar. In compliance with Allah's command, Abraham moved the mother and her baby to a place in the desert, which came to be known as Mecca, and left them with little food and water. Suffering from lack of provisions, Hajar kept wandering here and there until the water of Zamzam gushed out from under the feet of her baby. The Well of Zamzam attracted many people to dwell in the region. Later, Ishmael helped his father implement the command of Allah regarding the construction of the Ka`bah.

Abraham then had a revelation during his sleep, that he should sacrifice his son for the sake of Allah. Both the father and son were images of humility and obedience in their immediate response to the Will of Allah. However, Allah saved Ishmael from being sacrificed. Ishmael was a forbearing knight and was the first to tame horses. He is also said to have been the first to speak Classical Arabic. Prophet Ishmael called for the worship of the Only True God, and enjoined his people to practice prayer and charity.

Jacob [Ya`qub]
Jacob, son of Isaac, the Prophet, was also called Israel which means "Servant of Allah." His grandparents, Abraham and Sarah, were given the tidings of his piety and prophethood. Jacob was the father of Joseph. His 12 sons became the progenitors of the tribes of Israel.

Jesus Christ [`Isa]
Almost as Adam had been created without a father or mother, Jesus Christ was born without a father. He was Allah's Word inspired to Mary. Allah gave him Clear Signs and endowed him with the Holy Spirit. He was held in honor both in this world and the Hereafter and in the company of those nearest to Allah.

Jesus was strong in spirit, and very wise. Allah bestowed upon him the power to speak eloquently while still an infant in his cradle. Indeed, Jesus's miracles were innumerable. Allah taught him the Wisdom and Book, the Torah and the Gospel. Allah made him His Messenger to the Children of Israel. By Allah's leave, Jesus made the figure of a bird out of clay and breathed into it and it became a bird. He could, by Allah's leave, heal those born blind, lepers and even resurrect the dead. Jesus invited his people to worship Allah, the Only True God; but they rejected him and rebelled. Only the poor among them followed him. Allah raised Jesus up unto Himself and saved him from those who plotted to crucify him.

Jethro [Shu`aib]
Jethro was sent to the people of Madyan, who used to worship the Wood, usurp other's property and never adhere to due measures and weights. He invited them to adore Allah, give others their rights and deal with justice and equity. However, they not only threatened to banish and stone him, but were stubborn and demanded that he causes the sky to fall upon them in pieces. Thus, they were destroyed by the Mighty Blast.

Job [Aiyub]
A descendant of Abraham, Job was a prophet who received Divine Revelation. He was a wealthy man and had many children. However, Allah caused him to lose all his fortune and sons and afflicted him with physical suffering that lasted for 18 years, during which all people deserted him. Only his wife persevered with him and worked to provide for him until he regained his health and was compensated for all he had lost. Job was so great an example of perseverance from suffering that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will make him a standard to refute the excuses of those who did not endure suffering.

Jonah [Yunus, Dhul-Nun]
Jonah was Allah's messenger to the people of Ninawa to invite them to the worship of the Only True God. When they rejected him, he threatened them that punishment would come within three nights. Out of fear of being punished they believed in Allah. Jonah departed his people and later was on board of a sinking ship. After casting lots three times, Jonah was chosen to be thrown in the sea. He was swallowed by a great whale and was disgorged unharmed three days later. He was then sent to more than 100, 000 persons calling them to the worship of Allah.

Joseph [Yusuf]
Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob. Once in a dream he saw eleven stars and the sun and the moon all bowing down to him. He went to his father and told him about his dream. He was happy, but advised his son not to tell his brothers about that dream. The brothers envied Joseph for his father loved him much more than any of them. They plotted to throw him in a well, and told his father that he had been killed by a wolf. Then, he was picked up by caravans who sold him to the Egyptian King for a low price. The king took care of Joseph, who preferred to be imprisoned rather than to yield to the lustful desires of the King's wife.

Having been proved innocent, Joseph was released from prison and was appointed administrator of Egypt's grain storehouses which he managed wisely during the years of famine. During this period, Joseph's brothers came to Egypt seeking grain. Joseph made himself known to them and asked them to bring their family, including his father, to Egypt. They came and bowed down to him as a fulfillment of his first dream.

Lot [Lut]
Lot was Abraham's nephew. Allah sent him to a transgressing people who used to commit all abominable acts and indulge in their lusts with men rather than women. Lot frequently preached to them to abandon such heinous crimes and come to the right course of Allah, but they never obeyed him. Being disappointed in them, Lot prayed Allah to destroy them, but save the believers among them. Because Lot's wife was apparently not a believer, her previous sympathy for the sinful people destined her to a miserable end along with her people.

Moses [Musa]
Moses was sent to call Pharaoh and his people to believe in the Oneness of Allah. He was strengthened by a number of miracles. Allah instructed Moses to throw down his staff which miraculously turned into a huge snake and swallowed all the snakes which the magicians of Pharaoh had made appear. Moses was also instructed to put his hand in his pocket, and it came forth radiantly white, without stain. The Pharaoh promised severe punishments to the followers of Moses.

Moses was commanded to leave Egypt with his people by night. Moses's followers were to cross the Red Sea towards Sinai in a huge procession. They were reassured not to fear the Pharaoh, nor the sea, nor the vast unknown desert of Sinai into which they were venturing. They crossed the Red Sea - after Moses struck the sea with his miraculous staff and made it split into dry passage - while the Pharaoh, who had pursued them with his troops, was overwhelmed by the sea.

Muhammad (peace be upon him)
Muhammad, the Arab Prophet of Islam, was born in Mecca a few months after the death of `Abdullah, his father. Aminah, his mother had died when he was six. Thus he was brought up by `Abdul-Muttalib, his grandfather, then by Abu Talib, his uncle. He worked as a shepherd for a time. At the age of 25 he married Khadijah, who gave him optimum support.

When he came to the age of forty, Muhammad received the Divine Revelation and started to invite the people of Mecca to believe that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger. Suffering severe persecution in Mecca, he allowed his followers to migrate to Yathrib (now Medina). This took place in the year 622 A.D. which, later on, became the starting point of the Hijri calendar. In Medina, the Prophet Muhammad established a state which was the nucleus of the Muslim empire. In the 10th Hijri year, he went to Mecca and performed the Farewell Hajj, shortly after which he died at the age of 63.

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Written by Al-Imam ibn Kathir, Translated by Muhammad Mustapha Geme’ah, Al-Azhar

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