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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Muslim Aid Appeal for $2 Million for Cyclone Nargis Crisis

Muslim Aid Appeal for $2 Million for Cyclone Nargis Crisis

Muslim Aid is responding to the current crisis in Myanmar (formally known as Burma) after the devastating Cyclone Nargis hit the country this Saturday 4th May. The death toll (at this moment in time) has risen to over 22,500 with a further 41,000 missing, resulting from a massive storm surge that swept into the vast Irrawaddy delta, southwest of Rangoon.

The storm gathered momentum in the Bay of Bengal for several days and resulted in a wave that reached approximately 12 feet (3.5 metres) high, sweeping away low lying villages, leaving villagers with nowhere to find shelter.

According to Reuters sources, the government has called for international assistance as food and clean water supplies are running low. Prices of fuel and construction materials have also risen dramatically in the wake of the storm.

Muslim Aid is appealing for $2 million worth of funds to help the thousands of surviors left homeless by the disaster. $200,000 has already been allocated as Muslim Aid prepares its relief work on the ground. Muslim Aid will be working with their partners Global Medic providing clean water, medicine and emergency healthcare.

Please support them.
CALL NOW +44 (0) 20 7377 4200

or donate online http://www.muslimaid.org/