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Friday, 2 April 2010

1001 Inventions Exhibition @ The Science Museum, London

Are you sitting at home, bored with nothing to do? Why not visit the Science musuem in London and have a look at the special exhibition by 1001 Inventions?

1001 Inventions is a global educational initiative that promotes awareness of the scientific and cultural achievements of Muslim civilisation, during the thousand year period from the 7th century onwards, and how those contributions helped build the foundations of our modern world.

The exibition opened in mid January and closes on the 25th April.

Exhibits include numerous electronic interactives, a reproduction of a 9th century flying device and a five-metre high replica of the “Elephant Clock”. The exhibition features more than sixty exhibits and a large screen displaying a mini-movie starring Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley as Al-Jazari, inventor of the fabled Elephant Clock. Find out more at the exhibition website.

Here is the short promotional clip...

Entry is free for both children and adults.