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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Prophet Muhammad's Beard, Clothes, Swords, etc.

Some items belonging to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)...

(1) The name Muhammad (PBUH) in the sky
Apparently, the name of muhammad spelt in arabic appeared in the clouds on the 12th of Rabiul Awwal 2007 during a minhajul quran mawlid conference. Source: sunnivoice of Flickr


(2) Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Birthplace
Source: Wazirabid_7 of Flickr


(3) Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Old House
Source: For more pictures go to scribd.com, Djilamar of Flickr


(4) Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Tooth, Hair & Beard
Source: zoenie, nldisu, Djilamar, arhaamahmed of Flickr


(5) Footprints & Sandals belonging to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Source: sunnivoice, Mordern_Day_ibn_Battuta of Flickr


(6) Some items of clothing belonging to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Source: Djilamar of Flickr


(7) Swords belonging to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Source: Djilamar, arhaamahmed of Flickr


(8) Seal and some letters from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Source: Chichammachail, Vincent_Amigo, Djilamar, arhaamahmed of Flickr

This is the original seal of the prophet Muhammad which has been saved in Istanbul Museum. It reads "Muhammad prophet of Allah"

(for a translation of the above letter click here)


Nadia said...

La Ilaha illa Allah, Mohammed Rassoulo Allah. Subhan ALllah, God saved all these items as proofs. praised to Allah that we were born muslim and praise to him that Islam is extending everyday.
Thank you for sharing these pictures and informations.

Salam Alaykoum

Innovative said...

Assalam Alaykoum
to all bradan e islam.
La Ilaha illa Allah,
Mohammed Rassoulo Allah.
Subhan ALllah,
God saved all these items as proofs. praised to Allah that we were born muslim and praise to him that Islam is extending everyday.
Please share this with all the Islamic brithers & Sisters.

somie1116 said...

la illah lillal la ho muhamadur rasullah! absolutly amazing!!! i cant belive it! OMG!!! thank u so much 4 the pics!

somie1116 said...

thaks so much 4 the pics. we all need to stick togather as the muslims we are! the Prophet (SAW) went through so much trouble 4 us! the least we can do is stck togather as bros and sis's.

Anonymous said...

Lakhon Karororn dorood us Azem Hasti par jin k nam k sadqe sb dunya nijat paye gi,salam un azem logon par jo unk tabarkat ki hifazat karte hn aur ajre azem k musthik hn.Jo khuda k pas he wo unko ata farmaye Amin

ZHEN said...

that is awesome i was doing hitory homework and i carried away and got onto this and it is too good do you know where to get more like this

Anonymous said...

Please can we stop using the word MOSQUE. We all know where this word came from and its not right to call our places of worship this name. Please dear brothers and sisters remember MUSJID always this is what word / name we should all be using.
Salam Alaykoum

Abdul Farid said...

thankd for providing such a important n most precious information to us may Allah bless u for your good deed

Fahad Yousuf Khan said...


I didn't see many things from these. Thanks for sharing. Allah forgive all our sins and give us ability to act upon the Hadiths (Aameen)

Anonymous said...

it could not be true...first of all the prophet SAWS never wrote or read..someone did it for him for sure. The only message that he allows to remain is the holy Quran.

Mohammed Choudhury said...

Whether the prophet (PBUH) wrote the letter(s) or not they have his seal on them. So technically the letters have have been authorised by him inshallah.


ALLAH is almighty,,,he saved all usage of his prophet mohammad (sm).

M Siddiqui said...

Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammadin abdika wa nabiyika an nabiyil ummi

What is the proof that these are his (SM)?

heera bahadur said...

one of my friend tell me that Rasul SM can not write. The letter here u show is they written by own hand of prophet sm?

M Siddiqui said...

I uphold the question of Heera Bahadur to any one who knows the answer.

Anonymous said...

All of these are holy evidence for a unknown person to imagine that once upon a day there was prophet of islam and he (pbu) used these household items for his own.So there is clear to all that islam a true religion no doubt at all. The people of this century should belief that The creator of this world is one and mohammed mostofa (sm) is aprophet sent by the cretor (Who is ALLAH SWT.)May Allah bless all of us.Ameen.