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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Prophet of Islam (saw)

The Prophet of Islam (saw)
Taken from irca.org.au
by M.J. Majid

The crown of creation set with richest gems,
Diamonds and rubies in value beyond ken,
Unequalled in brilliance, unique of kind,
Art thou, O Great Prophet! to all mankind.
Truthful by nature and of most saintly mien,
All called thee the Trusty, the Al-Ameen.
Most loving to children, courteous to all,
To animals tender, alike to great and small;
Never on Earth a nobler soul has trod,
Never had another shewed a true way to God.

O sweetest flower that ever on Earth did bloom,
Matchless alike in divine beauty and perfume,
O whitest lily that human eyes have seen,
O loveliest rose that in the world has been.
All nature join in homage, all men adore,
Thee who brought light to a darksome World;
Thee whose teachings are as a necklace of pearls,
Which when worn does radiant beauty impart.
Adding lustre to body, to soul and to heart.
Ya Rasool-Allah! Our dearest friend and guide,
May God's eternal blessings with thee abide.

From the Arabian deserts thou sounded thy call,
To the worship of God, the Lord of all.
From the Arabian deserts thou taught mankind,
How the truest of knowledge of God to find.
Thy words flew as lightning, the whole world around,
Of Truth and Light they did fully abound.
And nations, acknowledging the power of their sway,
Did find and follow the most truthful way.
In the wake of thy words, true piety did spring,
And great knowledge and virtue did truly bring.
Never on Earth a better soul was born,
Never the World did a purer soul adorn.

Man was fast sinking in idolatry and sin,
When thou thy great mission did first begin.
Then in place of darkness thou Light did give,
And taught mankind the noblest way to live;
And reformed the World as never before,
And unique blessings on it did bestow.
Praise be to Allah for this favour divine,
In sending thee the wicked World to refine.
Search the World though we may from pole to pole,
While the great ocean of time doth onward roll.
A more perfect Prophet never can we fine,
Than thee who, thank God, gave Islam to mankind.
Ya Rasool-Allah! my homage I make to thee,
Ya Nabi-Allah! my love I tender thee.
My life, my all, for thee I gladly give,
The divine messages shall with me forever live.
My love for thee no bounds doth know,
In my heart the memory shall forever glow.
May Allah shower His choicest blessings on thee,
May Allah grant thee peace for all eternity.


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