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Friday, 26 May 2017

Ramadan Timetables 2017

Central London Mosque, The East London Mosque and various others have announced in the U.K that Saturday 27th May 2017 is the 1st of Ramadan 1438 Hijri.

Taraweeh prayers will start TONIGHT (FRIDAY 26th May 2017) straight after Isha prayer

We congratulate all Muslims in the whole world and want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a peaceful and blessed Ramadan. May Allah accept our fasting and good deeds in shaa Allah.  

Below are Ramadan timetables for London & the rest of UK. The timetables are for information only. Please check with your local mosque for clarification.

Timetables will vary between cities (cities and towns lie on different latitudes and longitudes and will thus vary in their dawn and evening twilight times). There will also be differences between mosques within the same city ( variations can also occur because of different rulings on the time for Fajr) but please note that in London many mosques have agreed for a unified timetable and thus their Ramadan timetables will be the same insh-Allah.

If you have a timetables that is not listed below please contact me and I shall put it on the list insh-Allah. You can also follow normal salat timetable from your local mosque - as an indicator the start of fasting (or Sehri end time) is usually taken as 5 to 10 minutes prior to Fajar 

London Central Mosque (Regents Park Mosque, NW8 7RG)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.iccuk.org/

East London Mosque (Whitechapel Road, E1 1JX)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.eastlondonmosque.org.uk

Brick Lane Jamm Masjid (59 Brick Lane, E1 6QL)
Timetable: Click here: (JPG)
Website: http://www.bricklanejammemasjid.co.uk

Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre (West London, W10 5YG)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.almanaar.org.uk/

AbuBakar Masjid (Southall - Middx, UB1 1LS)
Timetable: Click here (PDF)
Website: http://www.abubakrmosque-southall.org.uk/

Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre (Brent View Road, NW9 7EL)
Timetable: Click here: (HTML)
Website: http://www.hendonmosque.co.uk/

Finchley Mosque (Islamic Association of North London, N12 0DA)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.ianl.org.uk/

Muslim Community and Education Centre (Palmers Green, N13 5JL)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.mcec.org.uk/

Masjid E-Quba (North London, Stamford Hill, N16 6AA)
Timetable: Timetable: Salat Times
Website: http://www.masjidequba.org.uk/

Harrow Central Mosque (Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2SQ)
Timetable: Click here: (PNG)
Website: http://www.harrowmosque.org.uk/


Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.aberdeenmosque.org/

Belfast Islamic Centre
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.belfastislamiccentre.org.uk/

Birmingham Central Mosque (Highgate, B12 0XS)
Timetable: Click here: (JPG)
Website: http://www.centralmosque.org.uk/

Birmingham - Masjid Hamza (Church Road, B13 9AE)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Websiite: http://www.masjidehamza.co.uk/

Blackburn - Jamme Masjid Islamic Cultural Centre (BB1 1JP)
Timetable: Click here: (JPG)
Website: http://www.jaamemasjid.org/

Blackburn - Masjid-e-Anisul Islam (Troy St, BB1 6NY)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.anisulislam.com/

Bolton - Taiyabah Masjid (BL1 8HD)
Timetable: Click here: (Salah Timetable PDF)
Website: http://www.taiyabahislamiccentre.org.uk/

Cambridge - Abu Bakr Jamia Mosque
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.cambridgemosque.com/

Croydon Mosque & Islamic Centre (London Road, CR7 6AR)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.croydonmosque.com/

Dundee Central Mosque (DD1 5BZ)
Timetable: Click here (PDF)
Website: http://www.dundeecentralmosque.org.uk/

Edinburgh Central Mosque and Islamic Centre (EH8 9BT)
Timetable: Click here (PDF)

Essex - Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre (IG3 8TD )
Timetable: Click Here! (JPG)
Website: http://www.masjidansar.com/

Exeter Mosque & Cultural Centre (EX4 6PG)
Timetable: Click here (PDF)
Website: http://www.exetermosque.org.uk/

Glasgow - Al-Furqan Mosque (G4 9AJ)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.alfurqanmosque.com/

Glasgow - Central Mosque (G5 9TA)
Timetable: Click here: (JPG)
Website: http://www.centralmosque.co.uk/

Gloucester - Masjid e Noor (GL1 4LY)
Timetable: Click here: (JPG)
Website: http://www.masjidenoor.org.uk/

Ipswich Mosque (32-36 Bond Street, IP4 1JB)
(also known as Ipswich & Suffolk Bangladeshi Muslim Community Centre and Mosque)

Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.ipswichmosque.org/

Leeds Grand Mosque (LS6 1SN)
Timetable: (Click here (PDF)
Website: http://www.leedsgrandmosque.com/

Leeds Makkah Masjid (LS6 1JY)
Timetable: Click here (JPG)
Website: http://www.makkahmasjid.co.uk/

Leicester Central Mosque and Islamic Centre (LE2 0JN)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.islamiccentre.org/

Leicester - Masjid Umar (Evington Muslim Centre, LE5 5PF)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.masjid-umar.org/

Liverpool - Al Rahma Mosque (Hatherley Street, L8 2TJ)
Timetable: Click Here (PDF)
Source: http://www.liverpoolmuslimsociety.org.uk
Website: http://www.alrahma-mosque.com/

Maidenhead Mosque (SL6 8AW)
Timetable:Click here: (Html)
Website: http://www.maidenheadmosque.org/

Manchester Central Mosque (also known as Victoria Park Mosque, M14 5RU)
Timetable: Click here (PDF)
Website: http://www.manchestermosque.org/

Manchester - Shahjalal Mosque and Islamic Centre (2 Eileen Grove, Rusholme, M14 5WE)
Timetable: Click here (JPG)
Website: (facebook) https://www.facebook.com/Shahjalal.Mosque.Manchester

Manchester - Makki Masjid (Beresford Road, M13 OTA)
Timetable: Click here:(JPG)
Website: http://www.makkimasjid.org.uk/

Milton Keynes Jamee Masjid (Duncombe Street, MK2 2LY)
Timetable: Click Here! (HTML)
Website: http://www.mkjameemasjid.org/

Oldham Central Majid and Islamic Centre (Featherstall Road, OL9 6BX)
Timetable: Click here (JPG)
Website: http://www.ocmic.org.uk/

Oldham Muslim Centre (Neville Street, OL9 6LD)
Timetable: Click here (JPG)
Source: https://www.facebook.com/OldhamMuslimCentre
Website: http://www.oldhammuslimcentre.com/

 Newcastle Central Mosque (NE4 6SU)
Timetable: Click Here! (PDF) - 2016 CALENDAR
Website: http://www.newcastlecentralmosque.org.uk/

Nuneaton - Nuneaton Masjid (CV11 5RB)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.nmsuk.org/

Reading - Central Jamme Mosque (Waylen Street, Reading, RG1 7UR)
Timetable: Click here (PNG)
Website: http://www.bagr.co.uk/

Sheffield Islamic Centre - Madina Masjid Trust (Wolseley Rd, Sheffield, S8 OZU)
Timetable: Click here (JPG)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Madina-Masjid-Sheffield/163579475567
Website: http://www.madinamasjid.org.uk/

Stoke On Trent - Markaz At-Tawheed (Rectory Road, ST1 4PW)
Timetable: Click here (Html)
Website: http://www.markaztawheed.co.uk/

Southampton - Abu Bakr Masjid (Argyle Road, SO14 0BQ)
Timetable: Click here (JPG)
Website: http://www.abubakrmasjid.net

Southampton Medina Mosque (Compton Walk, SO14 0BH)
Timetable: Click here (PDF)
Website: http://www.medinamosque.org.uk/

Woking: The Shah Jahan Mosque (149 Oriental Road, Woking GU22 7BA)
Timetable: awaiting details / prayer times
Website: http://www.shahjahanmosque.org.uk/

Wolverhampton Mosque Trust (197 Waterloo Road, WV1 4RA)
Timetable: Click here: (PDF)
Website: http://www.jamiamasjid.com/

Ramadan Announcement 2017 AD / 1438 AH

Ramadan announcement from:
The Islamic Cultural Centre & London Central Mosque
Al Manaar – Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre
Muslim Association of Britain
Finsbury Park Mosque
Al Muntada Al Islami
Mayfair Mosque
East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre
Masjid Al Tawhid
Jamiat e Ulama Britain

We are pleased to announce to the whole Muslim Community in the U.K that Saturday 27th May 2017 is the 1st of Ramadan 1438 Hijri.

We  congratulate  all  Muslims  in  the  world  and  want  to  take  this opportunity to wish everyone a peaceful and blessed Ramadan.

May Allah accept our fasting and good deeds in shaa Allah.

Taraweh Prayers will start on Friday 26th May 2017

Eid Ul Fitr will be on either Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th June 2017 depending on the sighting of the new Moon crescent.